Just a few hours ago, this year’s Blackpool Illuminations were switched on by Jonathan Ross and this gives me the perfect excuse to post a song from the 2002 collaboration between Vic Godard and Irvine Welsh, which the latter described in a tweet earlier today as their ‘ill-fated Blackpool musical’:

For more on Vic’s Blackpool EP.

And if you want to see Vic Godard playing live in Edinburgh and Glasgow in November:

 Vic Godard Live November

Finally for Irvine Welsh fans, the film Filth, based on his third novel, is released in Scotland on the 27th of September and the rest of the UK and Ireland a week later and if it lives up to this trailer that I saw yesterday while taking in a screening of Kick-Ass 2 then I’d expect the film to to be feted rather than described as ‘ill-fated’. As for Kick-Ass 2 – it’s been added to that incredibly long and ever expanding list of disappointing sequels.