Please Killl Me

Please Kill Me is one of my favourite music related sites and one which has just picked up on one of my posts from last year: Johnny Thunders – The Movie (An Interview With Nina Antonia).

The site is run by Legs McNeil (the co-founder and a writer for Punk magazine) & Gillian McCain and an ebook edition of their Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk is out on Tuesday and is well worth a read, particularly if you like New York punk of the 1970s.

On a separate note, if anybody knows why WordPress decided to move my Blogroll columns (which include links for Please Kill Me and Nina Antonia) halfway down my homepage without any warning, I’d love to know, or indeed, if anybody happens to know who are, as they mysteriously seem to have become regular visitors to the site over the last week.

Finally, fans of The Television Personalities might be interested in my contribution to the excellent Cult Classics series over on the Vinyl Villain blog.