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Odonis Odonis are the latest in a longish line of bands from the musically fertile city of Toronto that I’ve become very fond of lately and Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, the follow up to their 2011 debut Hollandaze, is out on April 15 on Buzz Records.

Interestingly they have made the decision to sonically divide the album in two as if we’re still living in an age of vinyl dominance and it will be released on vinyl as well as CD and download.

Side one (Hard Boiled) is much the noisier of the two, tense and agitated with screaming vocals and screeching guitars, what their press release describes as ‘a strict machine of industrial proportions and clamour’ while the soft boiled side is – surprise, surprise – dreamier and much more languorous, although both distinct halves definitely complement one another.

At times it isn’t too difficult to guess which bands Odonis Odonis have been listening to over the past couple of years. Mr. Smith‘s guitar sound is sometimes very reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and there’s a few moments on Angus Mountain where you can’t help but think about Peter Hook, but don’t let me give you the idea that the band are mere copyists with good taste. Uh-uh.

Alexa Wait, for example, combines some Cocteau Twins style guitar wanderings with a little nod to Hal Blaine’s Be My Baby drum intro and even manages to flirt with some Philip Glass style minimalism as the track builds in intensity, but these influences are layered and juxtaposed in refreshing ways and on this song, and indeed throughout the entire album, the music remains distinctively Odonis Odonis.

The band also obviously have a penchant for very unusual and striking videos. Lee Stringle animated the nightmarish paintings of Hieronymus Bosch for Order in the Court whereas Angus Mountain, directed by Jesse Yules, appears to be partly painted over photos of the band which have been folded up by someone with some origami skills to give the resulting images an odd mirroring feel that’s almost as hypnotic as the track itself. See for yourself here:

Odonis Odonis are currently touring and will play three dates in Britain next month:

May 25: Brighton, UK, The Hope
May 26: Manchester, UK, Soup Kitchen
May 27: London, UK, Birthdays

Despite the touring and recording, singer Dean Tzenos has also managed to find time to direct a promo for his pals and kindred souls, WTCHS, a quartet from nearby Hamilton, Ontario.


This particular Hamilton is home to Sonic Unyon – a highly regarded record label and local indie institution – and Supercrawl, an annual three day free music event that managed to attract audiences of over 100,000 last September when WTCHS were one of the acts taking part.

They have a new EP, It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse!, their first release to fully embrace multiple release formats – cassette, vinyl, and digital, it’s just out on Sonic Unyon, Out of Sound, and their own label PERDU.

I’m enjoying the (defiantly hard boiled) EP the more I hear it and from it this is Over Kilmer:

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