Another quickie and following on from The Skids and The Moon Kids, two more songs in the key of Fife (© Vic Galloway).

First up is the new single from King Creosote which might just be the finest thing he’s ever recorded. For One Night Only is taken from his upcoming album From Scotland With Love which will be available on Domino from the 27th of July.

I’m not normally a fan of found footage music videos but I’ll make an exception for this one, which is actually part of a poetic BBC Scotland documentary film also called From Scotland With Love. See what you think, this is For One Night Only:

And now for some Mike Geist. According to the bio he sent me, this Fife based songwriter was ‘recently awoken from suspended animation and genetically engineered by scientists to function as a killing machine, but he decided he’d prefer to write elevator music. He’s currently working on his debut album.’

This is Baby’s No Fun:

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