Wow, I’ve just realised that this blog is one year old today.

In that time I’ve uploaded 70 posts that often have long and sometimes unwieldy titles like A Former Dreamboy & A Former Dancing Pig Discuss Punk, Doctor Who & Independence or The Ex-Lion Tamer, Ex-Lion Tamer & The Ex-Lion Tamers – which someone emailed me to complain about. More annoyingly, on more than one occasion my blogroll has randomly went AWOL – and I must look into why some time soon.

I’ve also featured interviews from Vic Godard, DJ Billy Sloan, author Martin Kielty, Viv Albertine, Gordon Nicol from Iron Virgin, Gordon ‘Pada’ Scott from The Valves, Tess Parks (and my hits really did go a little crazy when Tess and Alan McGee tweeted the details of that one), Nina Antonia (who has just edited Pete Doherty’s journals From Albion to Shangri-La), Martin Gordon of The Radio Stars, journalist and former fanzine editor Alastair McKay and Martin Newell (thanks Nigey).

Thanks too to everyone who agreed to be interviewed; everyone who has commented on the site and the select few who follow me on Twitter, a social media site that I’m still not entirely convinced by but where just occasionally I’m worth reading.*

Young Fathers tweet

Here are ‘psychedelic hip hop boy band’ Young Fathers with Get Up from the SAY award winning album Dead:

* Okay maybe only once but I do retweet some good stuff.