Lola in Slacks Glad Cafe

Quite a few very promising shows in Glasgow this weekend that locals might be interested in.

First up, Lola in Slacks will be making an appearance at the Glad Cafe in Shawlands tonight (27 September) and this is one not to miss if you have the chance.

For a band that have still only played a handful of gigs, Lola in Slacks have already made a very positive impression on those who have came across them and I have no hesitation in naming them the best new Scottish act I’ve heard this year.

Vocalist Lou Reid (yip, her real name) possesses the kind of intriguing, timeless vocal delivery that would likely have gone down just as well in a Weimar era cabaret bar as a music venue in modern day Glasgow and collectively the band complement her perfectly, in fact, guitarist Brian McFie (formerly of The Big Dish) reminds me at times on tracks like False Lines of her near namesake, the Velvet Underground legend.

I really think that in the not too distant future they could make a album full of great songs.

From a demo recorded by former Simple Minds keyboard player, Mick MacNeil, this is False Lines, a track that would make a fine debut single:

If you want to hear another version of the song along with five others from a recent session the band recorded for Billy Sloan, click here.

Tonight will also see the first visit to Scotland from The Cosines, whose recent album Oscillations I enjoyed a lot. Think C86 meets Stereolab.

They’re playing the Bowlers Bar, which I’d say was the best pub in Bridgeton – although some might see that as damning with faint praise – and support is supplied by Duglas T. Stewart favourites, No More Tiger and Citizen Bravo, who is Matt Brennan of Zoey Van Goey.

I’m told admission to the show is only a fiver and the Bowlers booze is very reasonably priced – a real rarity in any venue with live music nowadays.

Here’s some Pure Pop for Neu! People in the shape of Out of the Fire, the opening track of their album, which is out now on Fika Recordings:

And finally, I did promise some Vaselines last week, and coming out on Monday on their own Rosary Music label is their third studio album, V for Vaselines.

The plan seems to be that Eugene and Frances will be play two acoustic sets in-store at Monorail in Glasgow this Sunday (28th September ) between 4pm & 6pm. More details here.

V for Vaselines is a great listen and if you’re interested in hearing my further thoughts on it, here’s my review for one of my favourite sites Louder Than War.

The band also play Edinburgh’s Caves along with Teen Canteen on Monday night and later, after some dates in England and Europe, Kurt Cobain’s favourite songwriters will be returning to Glasgow on November 28 when they’ll playing at the Art School.

This is the new single High Tide Low Tide, filmed if I’m not mistaken in the Costa del Largs. Enjoy:

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