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A quick post with a couple of singles from two albums out this week and it will have to be quick as over the past few days I’ve been suffering from a series of migraines which I doubt are helped by sitting in front of a netbook typing.

A hippyish neighbour has suggested some herbal remedies including peppermint tea and something called feverfrew which sounds like a track from a Cocteau Twins album and which I’m a little sceptical about. Nothing to do with the old ‘never trust a hippy’ slogan but rather the fact that if I’m ever rushed to hospital with some dreadful injury, I do hope the doctor doesn’t try reassuring me by telling me that a nurse is on her way with a cup of peppermint tea and some feverfrew to help relieve my excruciating pain.

I’ll have some industrial strength morphine, thank you very much.

Anyway, first up today is Jacco Gardner, who I know little about. According to Wikipedia though, Jacco is ‘een Nederlandse multi-instrumentalist. Hij maakt muziek met psychedelische jaren 60-invloeden’ which translates very loosely as Jacco is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist whose new album, Hynophobia came out yesterday. It’s crammed full of dreamy psych tinged baroque pop that will sound even better when summer eventually decides to arrive, which in Scotland should be sometime in July where it will last for a couple of days.

As I say that’s a very loose translation.

Jacco Gardner Hynophobia

Each of the tracks are wonderful in a number of ways but best of the bunch is recent single Find Yourself which comes across like Air and Klaatu collaborating on a John Barry song (that Klaatu reference again, worth seeking out if you’ve never heard them and still best known because some eejits briefly convinced themselves they were secretly The Beatles in the mid-1970s).

Here is Find Yourself:

For more on Jacco Gardner, here’s his official site.

Django Django

I know a lot more about Django Django and you probably do too as they made a real splash with their self-titled debut album in 2012 which found its way onto the albums of the year lists of both The Guardian and Rolling Stone and earned a Mercury Music award nomination.

I’ve yet to hear their latest effort Born Under Saturn, although last night I was impressed by the three session tracks they recorded for Vic Galloway’s BBC Radio Scotland show and also rather enjoyed their unexpected choice of Pass It On track which was Collage by The Three Degrees.

Yes, The Three Degrees, the favourite act of Prince Charles.

Honestly, it’s nothing like their sickly series of hits from the mid-70s.

Here, though, instead of the act I imagine being introduced back in the day on prime time telly by some bloke in a bowtie like Bruce Forsyth as the ‘fillies from Philly’, this is the first single from Born Under Saturn, First Light:

For more on Django Django, click here for their Facebook page and here for their official site.

Okay, where’s that feverfrew?

Has to be worth a try at least.