Thanks to Les Clark for getting in touch and sending me his tale of attending the Clash show the night after the band played the Glasgow Apollo, which he originally sent to the letters page of Record Collector magazine.

The Aberdeen Music Hall leg of the On Parole tour seems to have witnessed the same kind of aggro as the Apollo gig although in Glasgow, The Specials did at least go down pretty well. Click on the image for a larger version.

Les Clark Coventry Specials Photo 
Directors Jack Hazan and David Mingay filmed segments of both these shows for the docudrama Rude Boy, footage of The Prisoner, with Joe’s famous introduction, ‘Some of us spent last night in jail, this a song called I don’t wanna be the Prisoner’, being shot in Aberdeen.

The final Scottish date of the tour took place at the Kinema in Dunfermline and unfortunately trouble again flared: later one eye-witness – Richard Jobson – recalled it as being one of the most violent crowds he had ever witnessed, with Suicide receiving their now standard barrage of abuse and Sham 69’s notorious fans known as the ‘Sham Army’ wading into Clash fans once the headliners took to the stage.

According to another account I’ve read of the night, fistfights were breaking out across the entire hall like some bar room brawl scene from an old Western movie, to the point where the bouncers just gave up and let the crowd get on with it.

Joe Strummer did attempt to quell the boxing, although he wasn’t on the whole successful. When fans began clambering onto the stage it was time to end. The cops arrived soon afterwards.


Les Clark, incidentally is a graphic artist nowadays and has just designed the artwork for the upcoming release by Suicide’s old NYC contemporaries, The New York Dolls.

New York Dolls Butterflyin' 
Butterflyin’ is a rare live recording featuring tracks such as Looking For A Kiss, Trash and Personality Crisis. Available shortly on the Easy Action label, the CD also includes liner notes by Johnny Thunders/Dolls biographer Nina Antonia, who I previously interviewed here and here.