Two for Tuesday Red

This week, two tracks released last year from acts who have both been described as post-punk.

Firstly a new DIY video from For Malcontents Only favourites, Dot Dash, shot in the centre of their hometown, Washington D.C. The track is taken from their Earthquakes & Tidal Waves album, released on the always interesting Ontario indie label The Beautiful Music – who, incidentally, have just put together a ten track compilation of the band, consisting of demos, live tracks and a cover version, which comes free with any CD purchase of the album bought on the label’s website.

Earthquakes & Tidal Waves was produced by Mitch Easter, a man whose CV includes working with early R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr. and Ride, and this latest Dot Dash album is perhaps their best yet, although in Britain, the band generally remain frustratingly under the radar.

I hear that they will be going back into the studio with Easter again later this year, so hopefully their next effort might just be the one to garner Dot Dash the media attention they undoubtedly deserve.

This is Flowers, which you can download free of charge from the group’s Bandcamp page.

London trio Shopping have been on the go since 2012 and they didn’t take long to put out an album, Consumer Complaints, on their own MÏLK label.

Consisting of by Rachel Aggs on guitar, Billy Easter on bass and drummer Andrew Milk, Shopping have also supported ESG and Gang of Four and have been labelled, what do ya know, the ‘bastard child of ESG and Gang of Four’ by Bearded magazine.

They released a second LP, Why Choose, last October on FatCat (the home also of C. Duncan and Honeyblood) and from it, this is Straight Lines, which as you can see contains some nudity – so if, like Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, you have a problem with this kind of thing and feel it may offend then don’t click on the video.* Normal, intelligent people, though, are in for a treat and I especially like the jittery guitar sound, which  ear-wormed its way into my head the instant I first heard it.

Shopping will be playing some live dates in England and Wales during March and April. For more on the band:

Twitter: @SH0PP1NG

* In case you missed it, Rouhani recently visited Rome’s Capitoline Museum along with Italian PM Matteo Renzi. Several nude statues were hidden, according to the BBC: ‘to avoid offending the Iranian president’.

Well done to the demonstrators outside who protested against Iran’s grotesque human rights record.