If you have been reading Scottish music blogs such as Charity Chic Music and Spools Paradise recently you might come to the conclusion that the management of Chris Devotion & The Expectations have been offering up some serious payola in order for us bloggers to write very nice things about the band. This obviously isn’t really the case although any artists that want to bribe this particular site can feel free to get in touch and we’ll see if we can come to some kind of arrangement.

I’m joking. Or at least I think I am.

Anyway, last week I featured some Power Pop and if you had to choose a genre to fit The Expectations into then that would be as good as any.

Consisting of singer and guitarist Chris Devotion, Colin ‘Rock-A-Bye’ Reid (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Wright (Bass/Vocals) and Graham Christie (Drums/Vocals), the band sound like they might be some recently rediscovered act from Baltimore or Boston who once toured with The Rubinoos back in 1979 but never really met with the success they deserved.

In reality, they’re actually from Glasgow and have only been on the go for two or three years. They definitely have a way with writing and performing impeccable two and a half minute pop ditties and here is one of the best of them. Shot in and around the Roxy in Glasgow’s Great Western Road, this is When The Girl Comes To Town from last year’s album, Break Out, a track that you could easily imagine finding its way onto the soundtrack of some American indie movie like The Perils of Being a Wallflower or Young Adult.*

And speaking of the soundtrack of Young Adult, this is a song that was pretty central to that film, The Concept by Teenage Fanclub:

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* You know the kind of scene where you’d hear it. A normally nerdy female glams herself up and ends up looking more gorgeous than you could possibly have imagined. Wow. Cut to the entrance of the local bar/club/prom night as she glides her way in. Suddenly everybody that usually ignores her gaze on open–mouthed, then turn to each other to discuss her remarkable transformation.

Not that she’s interested in any of them. The guy she is aiming to impress is on the dancefloor bopping around to When The Girl Comes To Town when suddenly he catches her eye in the crowd.

I’ll leave you to guess the rest.