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Kathryn Joseph is a Glasgow based artist whose album bones you have thrown me and blood i’ve spilled has made a very favourable impression on many who have heard it since it came out at the end of January.

Featuring Kathryn on piano and vocals and Marcus Mackay on everything else, the album really is an intriguing listen which is ultimately dominated by Kathryn’s mesmeric one-off voice, a vulnerable and haunting, almost unworldly near croak which, although often sounding profoundly sad, I still find enthralling and somehow strangely uplifting.

From a BBC Radio Scotland session recorded for Nicola Meighan, when she was sitting in for Vic Galloway, this is one of the highlights of the album and probably my favourite track from a superb session, The Bird and I’d be interested in hearing your views on it:

Kathryn will be playing the Wide Days Showcase at Edinburgh’s Pleasance Theatre this Friday (10 April) along with the hugely talented C. Duncan and others.

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Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab have very little in common with Kathryn Joseph other than the fact that both make great music and both live in the same city.

I came rather late to the band, through a recent article by Duglas T. Stewart on a batch of exciting new bands from Scotland, and if Duglas recommends something, the odds are that I’ll probably like it too – his other favourites incidentally were No More Tiger, TeenCanteen and Elara Caluna.

Consisting of one time BMX Bandito Stuart Kidd and ex-Owsley Sunshine main man Joe Kane, Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab make a wide range of music, though they do specialize and especially excel at creating alluring bubblegum psych gems that make me think of – for starters – Chicory Tip, Klaatu, Supergrass, The Beach Boys, Hotlegs/10CC, The Small Faces, The Chocolate Watch Band, Chas & Dave (honestly, listen to their track Pie, Mash & Liquor), The Monkees, Appletree Theatre, Todd Rundgren and even Lieutenant Pigeon although I maybe just imagined that last one. Things can definitely get a little trippy listening to their music, man.

According to the band themselves, their newly released album, Beyond The Silver Sea, available on Sugarbush Records, is ‘a sci-fi pop concept album set in an alternate not too distant future.’

The next DCTL show will be on the 22nd April at Nice & Sleazys in Glasgow and here I should mention that, live, they are one of the most eccentric and chaotic bands that I’ve seen in a very long time and fantastic fun too.

This is The City and The Stars:

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