Anybody who read my recent post Shopping in Space and The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins will know that posts on here might be shorter than normal for the next month or so but I didn’t foresee any of them being as short as this one albeit the main reason for this is that I know practically nothing about either of the first two acts I’m featuring. In fact, I’ve just come across the pair of them a matter of hours ago for the first time, one via a tweet from Love Music Glasgow, the other from a visit to the excellent Safe Kind of High blog.

First up is Roxy Agogo. He/she/they are from Glasgow and according to NME he/she/they:‘sound like a gothic experiment to fuse the sleaziness of fellow Glaswegians Baby Strange with the synth-glam of early Eno’.

Apart from a couple of seconds at the beginning and end of the track, not much happens in this promo, which appears to be a loop of a 60s actress who looks not unlike Helena Christensen posing in front of some mirrors. All rather mysterious.

This is When You Dress Up:

Next up is White, a name that Google offers over one billion suggestions for when you enter the word as a search query. This is another Glasgow based act and that’s about all I can tell you about them although I can again quote NME, who said of this track: ‘[It] bounds along with an irrepressible Talking Heads groove, sprinkled with crystalline ’80s synth lines, before eventually morphing into the kind of full-blown space wig-out that Bowie would be proud of.’ See what you think, this is Living Fiction:

And finally a wee mention for The BB Guns, a band from Toronto that I previously covered here.

They have a fantastic new six song EP just out, named after the lead track Bang and it’s available as either a download or cassette. Definitely worth hearing, folks. A new video shot by Cabot McNenly, will be out in the very near future and it will very likely end up on For Malcontents Only.

bb guns - cc1

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